I don't make recommendations for usenet providers or Indexers but there some sites I feel are worth mentioning. The sites listed below have proven to be great resources and I highly recommend them


Here at SudoBox our ambition is to give you direction in achieving your goal by utilising our effortless, fully automated media box installation. Sudobox comes complete with a consistent frontend graphical user interface eliminating the need for backend interaction. Our tools are entirely dockerised and customisable enabling you to administer more efficiently from within our dashboard.​ With tweaks in all the right places, you won't find a smoother transition from "What the hell am I doing?" to "Hang on, it's that easy?". We have a strong sense of pride in project SudoBox. Not hours but weeks have been poured into this. Our keyboards have all been replaced...twice! We've loved putting together SudoBox and we wish to carry it for as long as we can. We are aiming to strive towards being fully supported on multiple Operating Systems...Starting with Linux. We've loved putting together SudoBox and we wish for it only to grow.


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WarezForum is a great community for file sharing enthusiasts. It's a friendly community with a lot to offer. There's life hacks, graphics sharing, and general support for many problems. With almost 3,000 members WarezForum's community has experts in many fields of interest.


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