You won't find any reviews or ratings/rankings on Nero's Black Book. This is a conscious decision on my part. I think different users will get different results based on their experience, equipment and what they're looking for. However, I understand many of you want to see how some people feel about the performance of the various Indexers/Providers. So, I've listed below a few sites that offer their opinions/reviews. I only list them here to save you some time searching and I have no opinion on their reviews. I neither agree or disagree with these reviews.

This is a German site so you'll need to run it thru Google Translate. Lots of information on Indexers and Providers.

Tons of information on Usenet as well as Torrents.

Can be a little hard to navigate but still has a lot of info.

Reddit r/usenet
r/usenet has a large following and a great deal of info thru its wikis.

Reddit r/UsenetTalk
r/UsenetTalk has a great deal of info thru its wikis.

Another big player in the Usenet community. Use the site map as a starting point.

Established site for all things Usenet.

Not very many reviews but still worth a look.

I guess you could call this the Dutch version of Usenetreviewz. You'll need to google translate.